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Today, thanks to the digital revolution, TV documentaries like In Defense of Food can reach larger and more diverse audiences than ever before. The IDOF outreach campaign is designed to bring the film and its message to a very broad range of people, many of whom do not regularly watch public television: students; members of nonprofit and community groups interested in food, health and the environment; decision makers in business, government and education who have the power to improve people’s dietary health; and ultimately anyone who is interested in the question, “What should I eat?”

If you have been inspired by In Defense of Food and would like to join us in promoting healthy food and nutrition, there are a variety of ways of to engage your friends, family and community members in working towards greater change.  To assist in these endeavors, Kikim Media has created a collection of campaign tools to facilitate action at various levels in your community.  Clicking on the buttons below will automatically save the corresponding resource to your computer’s downloads folder.

Educational Curriculum
The In Defense of Food Curriculum was developed by the Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food, Education & Policy at Columbia’s Teachers College.  The curriculum is comprised of ten sequential two-hour lessons that are designed to help adolescents develop practical tools for healthier eating.  Each lesson utilizes a short clip from the film, available on the PBS Learning Media website, and a variety of creative activities and exercises to help students learn why it’s important to eat healthfully, investigate how companies influence their food choices, and create action plans for changing their eating habits.  Although the curriculum was originally designed for middle school after-school programs, its content is readily adaptable to a range of educational settings.
Community Screening Toolkit
One of the best ways to stimulate conversation about food and health is to bring people together to watch a good film.  If people are inspired to reflect on the issues raised in the film and shown clear ways to take action, a screening event can be an effective mobilizing tool.  All that’s required is good preparation, a touch of skilled facilitation, and follow-up by people like you.  Our Community Screening Toolkit contains thorough guidelines for planning all of the details of a successful screening.  Please complete the form at the top of this page to receive information about our 78-minute community version of In Defense of Food and additional support from our outreach staff.
House Party Screening Toolkit
House party screenings offer an intimate setting for sharing delicious food and stimulating conversation about our film with your friends and family members.  Our toolkit features a customizable invitation, links to tasty recipes from the Pollan family kitchen, and suggestions for formulating a memorable event.  Once everyone has enjoyed refreshments and discussion of the film, brainstorm ways to take action to improve the quality of food and nutrition in your community and beyond.
Discussion Guide
Our discussion guide offers talking points and prompts to help foster conversations about the film.  Within, you’ll find an assortment of questions that cover a range of different approaches to meet the needs of all sorts of audiences, from beginners to experts.  It also contains follow-up activities to help audience members plan to take action through various means.
Spanish Language Resources
We are proud to offer several Spanish language versions of our film as well as translated versions of our house party toolkit and discussion guide.  The student take-home sheets at the end of each lesson of the curriculum are also available in Spanish.  If you would like to learn more about screening a Spanish version of our film, please complete the form at the top of this page.