Deadwood: Season Three DVD Special Features


Kikim produced two special features for the DVD release of the third season of HBO’s Deadwood:

Deadwood Matures, Historical Featurette

The Education of Swearengen and Bullock, The Making of a Remarkable Relationship


Brian Tallerico for UnderGroundOnline
“HBO has put together a nice collection of extras for the final season of Deadwood, including a great documentary called “The Education of Swearengen and Bullock” about the two central characters of the show. Many players, including Ian McShane and Timothy Olyphant, come back to discuss how the dynamic between Al and Seth was the driving force of not just the show, but the symbol of Deadwood as a whole series. They were mirror images – one forced-to-be good man fighting bursts of violence from within and one necessarily evil man with occasional outpourings of kindness – and almost father and son figures to each other. Their arc in the final season, when they were forced to work together for the common good, was arguably the most interesting of all three seasons. Fans will also find a featurette called “Deadwood Matures,” about the actual history of the town, a series of Daguerreotypes of people from the era, and 4 audio commentaries including Milch on the finale, executive producers Gregg Fienberg & Mark Tinker on “Tell Your God to Ready For Blood,” stars Jim Beaver, Sean Bridgers, and W. Earl Brown on “A Two-Headed Beast,” and star Robin Weigert on “Amateur Night.”


“You introduced a new level of thinking, creativity and intelligence to the way we had been thinking about DVD features. The Deadwood pieces quickly became the reference point within the company – the whole company – for creating content about content that isn’t promotional, self-serving, superficial, and insulting to the average viewer. The experience of working with you has been one of the proudest and most fulfilling of my recent years at HBO.”

-Cynthia Rhea, Senior Vice President, Marketing, HBO Video