Love and Survival with Dr. Dean Ornish


Dean Ornish studies the human psyche and how the healing power of love, intimacy and relationships can help us reevaluate how we live and love. This program, created by Kikim Media, includes two parts. In Program 1: Simple Choices, Powerful Changes, Dr. Ornish illustrates how simple choices in diet and lifestyle can cause powerful changes in our health and well-being, and suggests steps we can take to reverse heart disease and live healthier, better lives.

In Program 2: The Healing Power of Love & Intimacy, Dr. Ornish teaches how our survival often depends on the healing power of love and intimacy. He reviews the scientific studies from his own research and the studies of others supporting the powerful role of love and intimacy in health and illness. He also reveals in very personal terms his own struggles with intimacy and meaning.