Riders for Health


Millions of people die in Africa simply because health care does not reach them. Riders for Health ensures that health care vehicles operate for many years with no breakdowns and health care delivery is never undermined by inadequate transportation systems, no matter how harsh the conditions. Over 10 million people are now accessing health care due to Riders programs in Zimbabwe, the Gambia and Nigeria. Riders has increased the lifespan of aid vehicles from approximately 12 months to 7 years (and counting) and, as a result, vaccination rates have risen, death rates have dropped and individual health care workers are now serving 20,000 people a year. This eight-minute video follows the founders of Riders and tells the story of how small investments in transportation can save thousands of lives while also saving local governments money.


“We were surprised just how powerfully Kikim Media was able to tell our story in a brief amount of time. They described the ‘what we do and how we do it’ very quickly and clearly but surrounded that with evidence of our impact on the lives of individuals, larger communities, and global health. The film had humour, pathos and straight talking all in just eight minutes.”

-Andrea Coleman, Chief Executive Officer, Riders for Health

“Time and time again, Kikim Media knocks it out of the park when it comes to crafting a succinct, impactful film for recipients of the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship. From story crafting to budget planning and execution, they are thoughtful and thorough with an exceptional eye to keeping a story engaging whilst covering a broad range of issues. Simply put, no matter how challenging the topic or film shoot, Kikim has always delivered.”

-Phil Collis, Creative Manager, Skoll Foundation