UCSF Diabetes Center: About Diabetes

Kikim first started working with the UCSF Diabetes Center when one of its donors hired us to make a video for its 10th anniversary celebration as well as to tell the remarkable story of Bearskin Meadows Camp for children and families with diabetes.   Following that project the Center hired us to make a series of short, simple educational videos for patients and families that would answer many of the basic questions people ask about diabetes as well as introduce patients to some of the researchers and clinicians at the Center.  After two days of intensive interviews with the staff of the Center we edited 26 videos that are now featured on the Center’s web site.


“I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Michael and Kiki several times as part of different projects related to making our work available to the public.  The members of the Kikim Media team are professionals to the core and will strive to produce the perfect story.  Their preparations and reflections on our work were insightful and thought provoking.  They not only helped us communicate the ongoing work at our Center in the most engaging manner, but working with them was also inspiring and fun!

-Matthias Hebrok, Director, UCSF Diabetes Center