Bearskin Meadow Camp


Bearskin Meadow Camp, BMC, is one of the oldest and largest wilderness resident camps for children, teens and families affected by diabetes. Located in the Sequoia National Forest, BMC is 65 miles east of Fresno, California at an elevation of 5800 feet. Campers and families come to camp from all over California, the United States, and the world.

But until now, Bearskin has never had a simple, effective way to communicate the essence of what happens at one of its family camps, which are attended by children and their parents. So Kikim Media was asked to produce a video that introduced Bearskin Meadow to parents who were considering attending the camp with their children, and told the story of the transformative impact it can have.

Celebrating its 73rd season of camp, BMC was founded with the philosophy that children and teens with diabetes can do anything other kids can do, including experience summer camp adventures. Diabetes is a condition that affects the whole family, including siblings and parents, too. From June to August each summer, Bearskin Meadow offers a number of different specialty programs to choose from including: kids camp; teen camp; family camps; and leaders-in-training programs. Bearskin Meadow gives campers and parents a uniquely supportive community of peers and adults who truly understand the day to day challenges of living with diabetes. Bearskin Meadow is run by the Diabetic Youth Foundation. For more information, check out or call (925) 680-4994.


“The video Kikim Media produced for us has been invaluable as a tool to raise awareness of our programs, to get people to attend our camps and to raise funds to support us. We have been overjoyed with its success. The staff at Kikim was wonderful to work with and they were incredibly sensitive to our community, while still conveying a powerful message about the life-changing services we offer at all our programs, not just our Family Camp program. From the early brainstorming about ideas and approaches, all the way to the end product, Kikim made sure we got what we needed and wanted.”

Matts Wallin, Executive Director, Diabetic Youth Foundation