Crisis Action


Crisis Action works behind the scenes to protect civilians from conflicts and launch emergency responses. It unites broad coalitions of disparate organizations — humanitarian groups, refugee organizations, faith leaders, and many others — to speak with one voice, targeting decision makers. Their campaigns span the globe, from Libya to Sudan, to Syria and Israel/Palestine — wherever conflicts erupt in the world. Crisis Action protects the powerless by compelling the world’s most powerful people to take unified action.


“Kikim undertook a tough assignment―to make a film about an organization which prefers not to draw any attention to itself―and created a short video for us which compellingly tells our story while still respecting our sensitivities about avoiding anything which might feel self-promotional. Their video continues to be useful to this day in attracting new partners and providing a quick introduction to anyone with whom we interact to the complicated work we do.”

-Andrew Hudson, Executive Director, Crisis Action

“Time and time again, Kikim Media knocks it out of the park when it comes to crafting a succinct, impactful film for recipients of the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship. From story crafting to budget planning and execution, they are thoughtful and thorough with an exceptional eye to keeping a story engaging whilst covering a broad range of issues. Simply put, no matter how challenging the topic or film shoot, Kikim has always delivered.”

-Phil Collis, Creative Manager, Skoll Foundation