Deadwood: Season Two DVD Special Features


Kikim produced four special features for the DVD release of the second season of HBO’s Deadwood:

The Real Deadwood 1877, which looks at what life was really like in Deadwood, South Dakota.

Trusting the Process, an intimate portrait of series creator David Milch’s creative process.

Mr. Wu Proves Out, a compelling anatomy of the making of one of the most crucial scenes in the season finale.

The Wedding Celebration, a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the complex, multi-layered event that marked the culmination of Deadwood’s second season.


“You introduced a new level of thinking, creativity and intelligence to the way we had been thinking about DVD features. The Deadwood pieces quickly became the reference point within the company – the whole company – for creating content about content that isn’t promotional, self-serving, superficial, and insulting to the average viewer. The experience of working with you has been one of the proudest and most fulfilling of my recent years at HBO.”

-Cynthia Rhea, Senior Vice President, Marketing, HBO Video