Legacy Venture

Legacy Venture taps venture capital to help its members amplify their positive impact in the world. Founded in 1999, Legacy aggregates over $1.5 billion from over 500 investors who intend that all returns, both principal and gains, will be used for their individual philanthropic interests. Thus Legacy investors leverage venture returns to make an even more significant impact for good in the world.

Every year, Legacy gathers its members for a day of activities and conversation called “Member Day,” which it follows the next day with an annual meeting.  Kikim has made several short videos for Legacy which it shoots on Member Day and edits the same night, so that it can be shown the next morning. We love making these videos because the overnight turnaround is such a welcome pace from the production schedules of documentaries that often take years to make!


“Kikim Media is nothing short of a national treasure. We have worked with them for over half a decade, and have found them gifted and phenomenal. They listened very well, and understood exactly what we were seeking to achieve. They have a terrific crew that works seamlessly with our activities. They are true masters at filming, assembling, cutting, and polishing a product, often under the most urgent of timeframes. And their creative genius transforms the final product so that it far exceeds what we envisioned going in to every project we have worked on with them. I could not recommend them more highly.”

-Russ Hall, Partner & Co-Founder, Legacy Venture