Naked to the Bone


Every day the lives of thousands of people are changed forever by the amazing power of medical imaging, including X-rays; computer assisted tomography (CAT or CT-scanning); magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); and ultrasound. Naked to the Bone tells some of their stories—stories of women, men and children struggling to overcome illness and disability and of doctors using the latest technological marvels to save lives and avoid painful surgeries.
Naked to the Bone goes into the trenches with radiologists, surgeons and patients as they wage war against disease using medical imaging technologies that have revolutionized the way we diagnose and treat illness. It shows real people making real-life decisions based on what medical imaging reveals about their bodies, bones and brains.

Funding for Naked to the Bone was provided by The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The program was co-produced by Kikim Media and Quest Productions.