Skoll Foundation Awards 2013: Education


Education is so vital to improving people’s lives that it has been declared by the United Nations to be a basic human right. But in many of the world’s low-income countries, education systems are failing to meet their goals; even in much of the developed world, the quality of public education has badly declined in recent years.

This five-minute video tells the story of the innovative solutions pioneered by two new Skoll Foundation grantees headquartered halfway across the world from each other. In Pakistan, The Citizens Foundation (TCF) provides an alternative to failing government-run schools: low-cost private education for children, with a focus on girls, in urban slums and poor rural areas. And in Mountain View, California, the online education provider Khan Academy is using its free video lessons to reach students in some 200 countries around the world—including a new pilot project in 50 U.S. classrooms.


“Time and time again, Kikim Media knocks it out of the park when it comes to crafting a succinct, impactful film for recipients of the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship. From story crafting to budget planning and execution, they are thoughtful and thorough with an exceptional eye to keeping a story engaging whilst covering a broad range of issues. Simply put, no matter how challenging the topic or film shoot, Kikim has always delivered.”

Phil Collis, Creative Manager, Skoll Foundation