The Botany of Desire


The Botany of Desire brings Michael Pollan’s best-selling book to PBS, showing how human desires are an essential, intricate part of natural history.

The program explores the natural history of four plants – the apple, the tulip, marijuana, and the potato – and the corresponding human desires– sweetness, beauty, intoxication and controlling nature – that link their destinies to our own.

This two-hour documentary begins in Michael Pollan’s garden, and roams the world, from the potato fields of Idaho and Peru to the apple orchards of New England, from a medical marijuana hot house to the tulip markets of Amsterdam.


Jessica Damiano, Newsday
“… two hours of pure joy that contains all the requisites of must-see TV — it’s intriguing and fascinating, engaging, entertaining and educational. It’s brilliant.”

Elizabeth Jensen, The New York Times
“The two-hour documentary…follows the book’s conceit: It takes the plants’ point of view in exploring whether they control humans to ensure their survival.”

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